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Roads & Street

Road & Street

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Smart light for future cities.
Leading-edge lightinMake city life more enjoyable and cut energy costs by deploying advanced, smart technologies.

Street lights
Maximise illumination, minimise wasted energy
Dualrays Lighting Solutions not only offers state-of-the-art, energy-saving LED street lights with excellent luminance properties. Our powerline network-based Street Light Control (SLC) light management system also allows the operator to control and monitor lights individually, in groups, or by entire streets or blocks using computer software. Illumination of streets and squares can be dimmed automatically and dynamically depending on daytime and seasonal conditions, and error messages can be recorded and categorised automatically for efficient operational decision-making. Advanced wireless networking technology opens up new opportunities to integrate additional smart functionality into street illumination networks. Individual light poles may serve as multifunctional stations capable of charging e-bikes, monitoring parking space availability or measuring air quality.
Tunnel lights
Tough materials for a hostile environment
The atmosphere in automobile tunnels is highly corrosive due to the high concentration of aggressive exhaust fumes and the accumulation of moisture. Tunnel lights require special protection to survive these ambient conditions and should be low-maintenance to minimise interference with traffic. Dualrays Lighting Solutions can supply luminaires with stainless steel housings and high protection rating which provide the glare-free light drivers need for optimal visibility and safe driving. In addition, we offer a range of accessory lights for illuminated traffic and emergency escape route signage.
Car parks
Light, guidance and power
Indoor and outdoor car parks require appropriate lighting to help drivers find their way easily and see pedestrians and moving vehicles before it is too late. Luminaires and trunking lights by Dualrays Lighting Solutions provide the right illumination quality and level for car parks of any type. In addition, state-of-the-art wireless communication networks allow lighting systems to incorporate Dualrays beacons which can deliver local guidance and parking space availability information and directions to mobile devices using appropriate apps. Lighting installations at car parks may also double as charging stations for electric vehicles.

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