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Revolution Lighting Technologies Launches Next Generation of Industry-Leading LED Lighting Technology Solutions

Time:2019-03-04 Views:957
Revolution Lighting Technologies Launches Next Generation of Industry-Leading LED Lighting Technology Solutions
Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of the next generation of its industry-leading LED lighting solutions, making available six new lighting technologies to market.
“We are pleased to announce the availability of the next generation of our industry-leading LED lighting solutions and to provide technology to enable businesses to become more energy
efficient and maximize the return on their investment,” said Robert V. LaPenta, CEO and Chairman, Revolution Lighting. “We are committed to bringing new cutting edge products to the market
and are continuously and quickly expanding RVLT’s comprehensive line of products to support our customers’ diverse lighting needs.”
(Image: Revolution Lighting)
Revolution Lighting’s newest LED technologies continue to offer an industry-best lamp life and warranty, providing customers with maximum return on investment through reduced energy and
maintenance costs while delivering superior light output through market leading efficacies. Revolution Lighting’s newest solutions are also rated by the 
DesignLights Consortium (DLC),including
its most rigorous, Premium status classification for luminaires, which five of our new products achieve. Products that achieve DLC Premium status can often qualify for more incentives within state
and utility programs than those with a lesser DLC classification or without, allowing customers to achieve a greater return on investment for their lighting efficiency project.
Revolution Lighting continues to emphasize control technologies as an increasingly important component of high efficiency lighting, offering a simple, flexible, and scalable solution to address a broad
spectrum of customer control requirements. The Company’s 
rNet control systems are easy to implement and custom tailored to customer needs and can be seamlessly and economically expanded to
add capabilities over time as they scale.
The newest additions to Revolution Lighting’s product line include:
Eco Area LightHigh performance LED solutions for outdoor applications such as parking lots and building exteriors that can reduce lighting energy use by as much as 55% compared to conventional
lighting. Featuring a versatile slide-in mount for fast and simple installation, as well as a 70,000-hour rated life and a seven-year warranty. (DLC Premium)
Eco-Fit T8 Tube LampNow available with a lightweight polycarbonate Nano lens that can reduce lighting energy use by as much as 55% compared to fluorescent lighting without sacrificing on lighting
quality. Eco-Fit T8 Tube Lamps are ballast-ready, install directly without rewiring, and are backed by a 70,000-hour rated life and 10-year warranty. (DLC)
G2 LED Eco Thin PanelThe new G2 LED Eco Thin Panels offer significant advantages over traditional fluorescent lighting – including 50% greater efficiency than their fluorescent counterparts – and install
easily in T-bar drop ceilings or can be chain/cable hung for application versatility. With an 80,000-hour rated life and a 10-year warranty, this energy-efficient luminaire maximizes the return on your lighting
investment. (DLC Premium)
ABS Single-Barrel LED TroffersRevolution Lighting now offers a super-lightweight single-barrel LED troffer with a housing frame made from tough ABS plastic. Ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, and more,
hese troffers feature dimming technology and smooth distribution of light, a 50,000-hour rated life, five-year warranty, and can decrease energy usage by 50% compared to similar fluorescent lamps. (DLC Premium)
LED Troffer Retrofit KitThe unique design allows each 2X2 or 4X4 LED troffer to be inserted directly into an existing troffer housing, making it an ideal retrofit lighting solution for offices, schools, hospitals, retail,
and other high-traffic areas. Featuring a 50% greater efficiency than traditional lighting sources, a 50,000-hour rated life and a five-year warranty, Revolution Lighting’s LED Troffer Retrofit Kits will significantly reduce
long-term operational and maintenance costs. (DLC Premium)
G4 Wall PackWhether you need to light your building exterior in complimentary light to show it at its best, or provide security around it, Revolution Lighting’s wall packs deliver energy-saving options of 0-10V dimming
and a dusk-to-dawn photocell. G4 Wall Packs are durable and ideal for dry and wet exterior locations and feature a 70,000-hour rated life and a 10-year warranty, and can decrease energy usage by 50% compared to
conventional lighting installations. (DLC Premium)

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