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DUALRAYS intelligent LED industrial Lighting shines HongKong Outdoor and Tech Expo, European warehouse detonates the whole hall

Time:2019-11-14 Views:4615
DUALRAYS Intelligent LED Industrial Lighting Shines HongKong Outdoor and Tech Expo, Europe Warehouse Detonates the Whole Hall

    Because of fire, human beings began to move toward to civilization.
    Because of electricity, industrial history has entered the electrical age, presenting the light of technology.
    Because of lights, human beings are completely free from the shackles of the night, turning night into day.
    A dream of chasing light to change the world...
    Efficient industry, DUALRAYS intelligent industry.
    HongKong Outdoor and Tech Expo hosted by HKTDC was held in HongKong Asia World-EXPO from 29th,Oct-1st,Nov,2019, Asia‘s large-scale and influential professional lighting exhibition,build a more professional international lighting procurement platform.
    Since The HongKong International Lighting Fair has been hosted by HKTDC in 1999, the huge number of buyers and exhibitors, as well as the ever-increasing volume of transactions, have made it prominent player of the lighting industry. HongKong International Lighting Fair has become a large-scale lighting exhibition in Asia, ranking second in the world. In addition, the exhibition was divided into spring and autumn international lighting exhibitions in 2009, which brings two negotiation opportunities  between the buyers and sellers from lighting industry.
     The largets Asia international professional lighting exhibition - Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology Lighting Expo had perfect ending in Asia Word-Expo. DUALRAYS, a manufacturer of LED Intelligent Industrial Lighting and solution provider, showed in this exhibition with the theme “Focus on industrial lighting, localize European service. The Booth No. 8-J01/03. DUALRAYS standed out and became the focus of this exhibition, insisting on using advanced lighting technology and innovative ideas gathering high popularity.
    The exhibited products continue to focus on intelligent industrial lighting. The booth is divided into two exhibition areas. One is product exhibition area of Tri-proof light and UFO high bay, another is brand image and German warehouse exhibition area. The product exhibition area showed in detail D1/D2/D5 series tri-proof light and HB3/HB5/HB6 series UFO high bay. This exhibition we introduced intelligent devices, including ZIGBEE, DALI, KNX, PIR/MICROWAVE SENSOR.
    HB6 UFO high bay,food grade UFO high bay with NSF/IK69K/IP65 safety standard is the first time to be exhibited in the exhibition. With its unique design, excellent performance and intelligent configuration, it attracted lots of experts and customers. The whole luminaire overcomes the limitations of light distribution and illumination of single lamp through the combination of light source and heat sink, cleverly designed shape structure. The efficiency of whole lamp is up to 160LM/W, 20% higher than the industry. Lower cost, easy and convenient maintenance.
    The D2 series tri-proof lamp always cover a high market share, use high-quality substrate, high reliability, no spot, no glare, high index Ra>80, no stroboscopic, high efficiency up to 160LPW, IP66 & IK10 protection level , tooless installation, connection available, all plastic design. It can reduce installation costs. It has been used in large-scale supermarkets such as Germany IKEA.
    This exhibition inherited the previous booth design style and continues to display the brand image to the European contractor group. Since the establishment of European warehouse in 2018, it has greatly enhanced the customer‘s product delivery capability for its engineering projects. It only takes 2 to 3 business days for customers to receive orders. Compared with the traditional orders from China: place orders, delivery, customs clearance procedures,The customer‘s competitiveness in the local market and capital turnover are greatly improved and we create more value for customers. We will continue to increase investment of human resources and resources in European warehouse, increase related service personnel, expand product categories, and maximize the local customer service.
    At this exhibition, our company attracted more than 200 companies and customers. Some both new and old customers during exhibition negotiated sample orders, and some customers made an appointment to visit our factory. They gave a very high affirmation for our unique product design, product and market position, professional team service.
    The exhibition is also of the industry demand for customers, grasping the customer‘s purchasing psychology, and thus combining our own product capabilities and knowledge, transforming the customer‘s demand for market dynamics into a rational demand for the market, and guiding the product development for market demand to tap the market value for customers," David Lau, DUALRAYS marketing and Sales Director said.
    DUALRAYS has always been adhering to the "customer first, profession and efficiency, rapid response, honesty and trustworth" service concept, won the respect of customers and wide recognition of  industry‘s colleagues.
   DUALRAYS has always focused on creating high-reliability, high-efficiency, high-security, uniquely designed LED industrial lighting fixtures and modular product systems to provide customers with a full range of technical and service support.
    Efficient Industry,Created by Dualrays! 
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