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Enjoy work,Serious life,weekend record of DUALRAYers

Time:2019-03-31 Views:1003

On 31th March 2019, DUALRAYS Sales Department came to Fenghuang Mountain to enjoy the weekend life and bathe in the natural scenery after a pretty busy and full work sea.

March in Shenzhen,sunny and active, flowers in full bloom, green trees,everything is fresh. People are busy with their work, but always forget to give themselves more opportunities
to enjoy life, and always ignore the nature beauty around them. Taking advantage of the bright sunshine and the flourishing Shenzhen, the DUALRAYSers join hands to appreciate the 
beautiful scenery of Fenghuang Mountain.Laughter and joy all the way, just because of happniness.



This activity is organized by DUALRAYS HR Department. In the form of family trip,and agritainment,the team played by themselves first,we played rock climbing and riding,talking and 
laughing,devoted ourseves to the interesting activities.


After that,we are preparing our food in the farm,we picked vegetables,there are pretty various kinds of vegetables in the farm,leek, eggplant, capsicum, cilantro ect,everyone is so fresh 
with it,and try to get the vegetable from their own taste,especially the kids,the world is fresh to them,they loved such activities.


Finally,we need cooked by ourselves,our colleague come from different province,with different taste and style,the man loved cooking,there are so many cookers,the dishes with different 
style,Hunan dish,Henan dish,Carton dish ect, gathered together to form a delicious dinner,the material is picked by ourlseves,cooked by ourselves,we had a special feeling of honor for that.

Climbing for a panoramic view, cultivate our taste, bathing in the sunshine, enjoying the joy that nature brings us, fading the exhaustion, dancing with the wind. We seems to be the children 
of nature, wielding our sweat, abandoning the pressure of trivial work, and feeling the happiness brought by mountains and foods.

Tour the mountains and rivers, confirm our visit with our footprints, record the beautiful scenery of beautiful river and mountain with camera, and feel the happy family of DUALRAYS with heart. 
The place with love is full of laughter. DUALRAYS always lets us keep a positive and upward heart to meet challenges and conquer various of difficulties with a smile in the future.

Dualrays adheres to independent innovation, Dualraysers try to build a world well-known LED industrial Lighting Brand.

Dualrays is practicing the enterprise management principle “Perfect or Nothing”.

Efficient Industry,Created by Dualrays! 

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